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Autosweep WA has a fleet of modern mechanical road sweepers and scrubbers capable of collecting even the smallest particles of debris from suburban streets to highly trafficked roads, highways and freeways.

Our mechanical boom street sweeper scrubbers and regenerative air sweepers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including water tanks and sprayers to loosen particles and reduce dust, while the brushes gather debris for vacuum removal.

Road Accident Debris Removal Service Perth

Emergency Traffic Incident Clean Up

Autosweep is available on call to clean up spills and debris following road accidents in the city of Perth and wider Perth metro area. Our skilled operators and modern machinery are adept at removing debris left behind following a car crash or other road incidents, including broken glass, plastic and other materials.

Additionally, our road sweepers can assist in the removal of oil and other spills on asphalt, concrete and other road surfaces.

We are on call around the clock every day of the week for street sweeping following traffic accidents and road incidents.  Our central location with quick access to major arterial roads makes Autosweep the ideal choice for emergency street sweeping and scrubbing in the  City of Perth and wider Perth metropolitan area.

Road Debris Removal

Road debris is a hazard for both traffic and pedestrians. Autosweep WA are experts in removal of road debris in the city of Perth and larger Perth metropolitan area.

Autosweep WA’s fleet of mechanical boom street sweepers can remove include objects that have fallen from vehicles, leaf litter, storm debris, sand, dust, asphalt, pebbles & rocks, construction site debris, sharp objects and tyre debris.  

Kerb & Gutter Sweeping

Road debris tends to collect in kerbs, gutters, channels and around traffic islands and junctions. Debris in these areas is particularly dangerous to cyclists and pedestrians.

Our fleet of street sweepers and scrubbers are well suited to kerb & gutter cleaning and are agile enough to move easily around traffic islands for a complete clean.

24 hour industrial sweeping service Perth
Leaf litter removal service Perth, WA

Organic Debris Removal

For many parts of Perth leaf fall and other organic debris on roads and paths create a hazard for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Our fleet of mechanical boom street sweepers and scrubbers are equipped with external vacuum lances & hoses making them perfectly suited to the removal of organic debris from roads, kerbs, pit gullies, cycle paths and footpaths.

Stormwater Pit Vacuum Extraction Perth

Pit Gully Cleaning

Our road sweepers are capable of vacuum extraction of debris from pits and roadside gullies. We have over 30 years experience in pit gully cleaning in Western Australia.

Our experience in cleaning roadside drainage pits, stormwater pits, electrical & communication pits and new sewer pits is vast.  At Autosweep our operators are trained in safe vacuum extraction of both wet and dry materials including mud, organic debris, litter, sand, mineral deposits, oil & grease and road debris from pits.

Stormwater pit gully cleaning is necessary for the mitigation of flooding during storms, heavy rainfall, burst water pipes and other situations where flooding is an issue.  Regular cleaning and maintenance of pits aids in the flow of water through roadside stormwater pipes and helps to avoid costly blasting of blocked pipes.  It is also necessary for the ongoing maintenance and safety of electrical and communications pits.

Construction Site Sweeping and Scrubbing

Autosweep is the leading construction site sweeping specialist in Perth with over 30 years experience delivering comprehensive construction site sweeping services.

Public areas surrounding civil construction, roadworks, commercial developments and residential property construction need to be swept to avoid accidents and meet OH&S obligations.

Autosweep’s operators are highly skilled in OH&S practice making us the first choice of local councils, property developers and many commercial and industrial businesses for debris removal from roads, paths, walkways and public open space surrounding civil construction, roadworks and other construction projects.

Construction site sweeping and scrubbing in Perth
Roadwork debris sweeping service Perth

Civil Construction and Roadwork Sweeping and Scrubbing

Roadworks create hazardous debris. Autosweep is the preferred supplier for many councils in the City of Perth and wider Perth metro area for street sweeping and scrubbing following roadworks or as part of a debris mitigation plan during protracted roadworks.

Our team are available for street sweeping around roadworks on both a contract basis and with little or no notice in the event of accidents requiring the immediate removal of debris for safety.

The Autosweep Industrial Sweeper & Scrubber Fleet

We have a range of industrial sweepers and power scrubbers to suit all applications. Our diverse fleet means we offer our customers efficient sweeping services at highly competitive prices.

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Autosweep Industrial Sweeper Fleet

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