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We've been providing floor sweeping and scrubbing to WA's industrial leaders for three decades. We're proud to say that many of our industrial clients started with us all those years ago. We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our clients. We do this by making sure our service is the best in Perth.

Essential for meeting your statutory OH&S requirements, workshop, warehouse, factory & hardstand floors need to be kept free of debris. Our fleet includes sweepers small enough to sweep around pallets and other floor level storage through to large hardstands, loading docks and car parks.

Warehouse Sweeping

Our fleet of ride on sweepers collects dust, grit and grime from your warehouse floors along with debris to give your employees a clean and safe working environment that meets your statutory OH&S obligations.

A clean warehouse is essential for OH&S. What may start with one or two pieces of rubbish can quickly accumulate and leave your business with a hazardous workplace. Additionally, large debris from objects like broken pallets can damage forklifts and other equipment leading to costly repairs.

Autosweep offer full warehouse sweeping services in the Perth metro area. Our location at Welshpool makes us the ideal choice for many warehouse facilities in Perth's large industrial zones.

Warehouse Floor Sweeping Service Perth

Agile Power Floor Sweepers

We include both Armadillo PowerBoss and Tennant 6650 ride on sweepers in our fleet. Both are highly agile sweepers for maximum cleaning around racks, rows, pallets and other warehouse areas where agile sweeping is necessary.

Our sweepers are agile enough to move between racks and rows in your warehouse and are also effective at sweeping exterior areas including paths, carparks and access roads to maintain a good first appearance for visitors and a safe working environment for staff.

At Autosweep we operate around the clock, enabling us to visit your warehouse at a time that is suitable for you. We are available for ad-hoc cleaning, emergency cleaning or on a contract basis for regular sweeping to help you maintain a clean and safe working environment.

Manufacturing Plant, Factory and Workshop Power Sweeping

Routine sweeping is necessary for all manufacturing plants & factories to maintain a clean and safe workplace for your employees and meet your statutory OH&S requirements.

Autosweep's operators are highly trained in statutory OH&S obligations across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing and factories.

Our fleet includes vehicles capable of sweeping the interior of your manufacturing plant to remove dust, debris and other contaminants.

Our sweepers are fully self-contained, require no cords to create tripping hazards, will remove all dust and debris and leave no cleaning residue.

Loading Dock, Hardstand and Yard Sweeping & Scrubbing

Our fleet includes sweepers and scrubbers capable of sweeping and scrubbing all areas, including loading docks, hardstands & yards.

Exterior Sweeping & Scrubbing

Autosweep can manage the sweeping maintenance of external areas of your manufacturing plant including hardstands, truck yards, carparks, access roads and paths.

Central Location

We're located in Welshpool and are able to access Perth's major highways and freeways with ease.
Our location means we are able to operate in industrial estates across the entire Perth metropolitan region.

24 Hour Service

We offer around the clock industrial sweeping services in Perth to minimise disruption to your business while helping you meet your OH&S requirements.

Autosweep offers a comprehensive solution for the maintenance of your factory or manufacturing plant floors. We work around the clock enabling us to sweep your manufacturing plant or factory at a time that will cause the least disruption to your workflow.

Our operators are available to attend for regular factory sweeping maintenance, emergency cleans 24/7 to clean debris following an accident or on an ad-hoc basis. Additionally, dry hire can be arranged throughout Perth for many of our modern industrial sweeping machines.

Autosweep Mechanical Road Scrubber Sweeper
Autosweep uses only modern, well maintained sweeping equipment

Trusted Facility Management Partner

Our core belief is in fostering long-term relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering professional, efficient, friendly and worry-free service every time.

Our core belief is in fostering long-term relationships with our clients.  We pride ourselves on delivering professional, efficient, friendly and worry-free service every time.  With over three decades of experience in commercial and industrial sweeping, you can trust that we will deliver your business efficient service and unrivalled quality every time.

We offer regular contract sweeping and scrubbing services in addition to our 24-hour emergency sweeping service.  Contact us today to learn how Autosweep can benefit your business.

The Autosweep Industrial Sweeper & Scrubber Fleet

We have a range of industrial sweepers and power scrubbers to suit all applications. Our diverse fleet means we offer our customers efficient sweeping services at highly competitive prices.

Why Choose Autosweep

With over 30 years experience, a large fleet of sweepers to suit any job and our strong customer focused ethos, how could you not choose Autosweep?
Hardstand & Yard Sweeping Perth

30 Years Experience

Our experience means we offer our clients an efficient service at the most competitive rates in Perth.

Factory Sweeping Service Perth

Large Fleet

Our fleet includes ride-on sweepers, suction sweepers, regenerative air sweepers and custom built plant trailers so we can offer you the best machinery for the job & a cost-effective service.

Warehouse Sweeping Contractors

Our Service Charter

We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our clients. We do this by delivering professional, efficient, friendly and worry-free service every time.

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Our fleet are available around the clock for emergency service within the Perth metro area