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Construction creates hazards both in and around construction projects. Autosweep are experts in the provision of industrial sweeping services during construction and at completion.

Our large fleet of power sweeping machines and highly trained operators allows us to minimise downtime on your site while providing you with high quality, dependable service.

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Specialised Industrial Sweeping Equipment

The scope of every construction project differs in regards to the debris it is likely to produce. At Autosweep our large fleet of vehicles allow us to use the best mechanical broom sweeper, vacuum sweeper or scrubber sweeper for your job.

Our experience in the industrial sweeping industry makes the choice of equipment for your project easy.  Rest assured we will always use the best equipment for your site to remove floor borne hazards.

With our diverse fleet, we can use a variety of power sweepers at your site to remove compacted dust and debris as well as loose gravel and other loose debris over areas big and small.

Sweeping Frequency

Every construction site differs both with the amount and type of debris produced during the building phase.

The more dust and debris your site generates, the more often sweeping will be required.  Where there are added environmental concerns regarding run-off and air borne pollutants a more frequent schedule may be required.

Autosweep will work with you to customise a sweeping schedule specifically for your project to ensure you meet your OH&S, safe working and environmental requirements.

Safe Working Conditions

We hold all the necessary OH&S accreditations required to work on union, construction and commercial sites. Our team of sweeper operators are highly trained in OH&S requirements.

Floor and dust hazards place significant strain on workplace productivity.  Your safety is our priority, and that starts from the ground up.  You can trust Autosweep Industrial Sweeping Contractors to deliver clean and clear floor spaces at your site.

Creating A Safe Worksite

Environmental Requirements

Our fleet of industrial sweepers are fully equipped with dust suppression filters and water jet sprayers.

Together they ensure that possible pollution from your work site does not make its way into the air, waterways or wider environment.  Meeting your environmental requirements also reduces your risk of fines and failed environmental inspections.

Sweeping and Scrubbing Construction Site Surrounds

Construction Site Surrounds

It is imperative to maintain clean streets and paths surrounding your construction site to minimise disturbance to the public while also minimising hazardous materials from your worksite causing injury.

It is important to include a sweeping schedule for the areas surrounding your project during the construction phase.

Autosweep will work with you to provide a schedule that takes into account the location and scope of your project along with the volume and type of debris likely to be produced during construction.

Final Site Sweeping and Scrubbing

Post-construction cleanup is an essential final stage in any construction project timeline. Construction site sweeping at final site clean phase will make your site safe by removing construction debris such as discarded screws, nails, cuts of PVC pipe, wood, dust, cement, gravel, plastics and other hazardous materials.

Thorough power sweeping & scrubbing of all areas in and around your construction site prior to hand over will remove sediment from workers boots, machinery tracks and traces of rain run-off amongst others.

Our team of knowledgeable operators will work to make sure your completed construction project has clean paths, promenades, carparks and surrounding roads, giving your project clean and debris free surroundings to help showcase your project.

Final Construction Site Cleanup

The Autosweep Industrial Sweeper & Scrubber Fleet

We have a range of industrial sweepers and power scrubbers to suit all applications. Our diverse fleet means we offer our customers efficient sweeping services at highly competitive prices.

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With over 30 years experience, a large fleet of sweepers to suit any job and our strong customer focused ethos, how could you not choose Autosweep?
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30 Years Experience

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Large Fleet

Our fleet includes ride-on sweepers, suction sweepers, regenerative air sweepers and custom built plant trailers so we can offer you the best machinery for the job & a cost-effective service.

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