Perth's Car Park Sweeping Experts

With over 30 years experience in mechanical sweeping, Autosweep has demonstrated long-term experience providing services to state and local government and major commercial and industrial contracts.

Clean car parks are particularly important to give visitors a good first impression of your business, shopping centre, school or sports facility. They are also necessary to remove debris for the safety of your visitors.

Perth's Underground Car Park Sweeping Specialists

Underground Car Park Sweeping

We use a combination of ride-on sweepers and blowers to make sure every part of your carpark is clean.

Autosweep's range of ride-on sweepers are ideal for use in single and multi-level underground car parks. Their wide sweeping area makes them the ideal choice for tight spaces. Our skilled operators will ensure a total clean of the entire carpark, including behind wheel stop barriers, corners.

Using our long-term experience cleaning multi-level underground car parks in the City of Perth and beyond our team will ensure your underground car park is thoroughly cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Undercover Car Parks & Carports

Undercover car parks and carports can be tricky to effectively clean. That's no problem for Autosweep.

Undercover car parks and multi-car carports are a common feature of many small businesses, industrial car parks and apartment complexes. Their open design means debris quickly and easily builds up, leaving your undercover car park or carport looking untidy with hazardous debris for pedestrians to navigate.

At Autosweep we use our many years' experience to ensure your undercover car park or carport is thoroughly cleaned - including cleaning of adjacent footpaths, behind wheel stop barriers, around posts and poles and in corners.

Undercover parking sweeping, scrubbing & blowing service, Perth

Multi-Level Carpark Sweeping

We've been servicing multi-level carparks in the City of Perth and wider Perth metropolitan area for many years.

Our success in this area is underpinned by long-term relationships with local councils, state government and commercial developers.

Using our fleet of ride-on sweepers, our experienced operators are able to quickly and thoroughly clean your multistory carpark. Our ability to operate quickly and efficiently allows us to offer Perth's most competitive rates for both one-off and regular multi-level car park cleaning.

Our skilled operators and modern machinery give you the best outcome!

Find out how.

Shopping Centre Carpark Mechanical Sweeping & Scrubbing

Autosweep is the trusted choice for shopping centre carpark sweeping and scrubbing across Perth for over 30 years.

We understand that your car park is the first thing shoppers see when they visit your centre. Our comprehensive service will ensure your car park bays, paths and entry points are clean and debris free.

With our skilled operators and modern fleet, we are able to efficiently, safely and cost-effectively sweep and scrub your multi-level, outdoor, undercover and underground parking lot with ease.

Commercial & Industrial Car Park Sweeping

At Autosweep, we offer our clients a comprehensive service covering carparks, paths, hard stands, yards & loading docks

Hazard Mitigation

Reducing the risk of hazards plays a key role in commercial and industrial car parks. Having a clean car park also gives your business the best possible appearance from the street. Our fleet has the capacity to manage the blowing, sweeping, vacuuming and scrubbing of commercial & industrial car parks in Perth.

Commercial and Industrial Car Park Sweeping & Scrubbing Contractor

Long-Standing Clientelle

We are proud to say we are servicing many of the same commercial and industrial clients we have today that started using our service over 30 years ago. The key to this success is the fostering of long-term relationships for the benefit of our clients.

The Autosweep Industrial Sweeper & Scrubber Fleet

We have a range of industrial sweepers and power scrubbers to suit all applications. Our diverse fleet means we offer our customers efficient sweeping services at highly competitive prices.
Autosweep Mechanical Road Scrubber Sweeper

Trusted Facility Management Partner

Our core belief is in fostering long-term relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering professional, efficient, friendly and worry-free service every time.

Our core belief is in fostering long-term relationships with our clients.  We pride ourselves on delivering professional, efficient, friendly and worry-free service every time.  With over three decades of experience in commercial and industrial sweeping, you can trust that we will deliver your business efficient service and unrivalled quality every time.

We offer regular contract sweeping and scrubbing services in addition to our 24-hour emergency sweeping service.  Contact us today to learn how Autosweep can benefit your business.

Why Choose Autosweep

With over 30 years experience, a large fleet of sweepers to suit any job and our strong customer focused ethos, how could you not choose Autosweep?
Multi-Level car park cleaning contractors Perth

30 Years Experience

Our experience means we offer our clients an efficient service at the most competitive rates in Perth.

Commercial Carpark Sweeping Contractor

Large Fleet

Our fleet includes ride-on sweepers, suction sweepers, regenerative air sweepers and custom built plant trailers so we can offer you the best machinery for the job & a cost-effective service.

Underground parking sweeping

Our Service Charter

We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our clients. We do this by delivering professional, efficient, friendly and worry-free service every time.

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We endeavour to respond to all email enquiries within 24 business hours. If you require an emergency service please call.


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